Candidate Responses -2021-OCT 9

Candidate Responses -2021-OCT 9

This post contains a link to all of the responses the LFGA has received from Municipal Election 2021 Candidates to our questionnaire. They have been arranged into two groups, those running for Mayor and those running for Council. Each group has then been arranged according to their order/time of submission. These responses and optional messages provide substantial insight into each candidate’s views on many issues and areas of concern/interest to members of the LFGA, their families, friends and like-minded voters. Candidates who are not listed have not responded to our email sent to their official email addresses. If we receive a late response we will add it here as it is our goal to hear from every Candidate that wishes to engage our members and the voting demographics we represent.

Mayoral Candidates 2021

Gary Klassen Received Tue, Oct 5, 11:29 PM

Bridget Mearns Received Oct 6, 8:41 PM

Stephen Mogdan  Received Oct 7, 11:29 AM

Blaine Hyggen  Received Oct 8, 2:47 PM

Kolton Menzak Received Oct 10, 12:38pm

Councillor Candidates 2021

Ryan Wolfe  Received 02/29 – 2:19 PM

Nick Paladino  Received 02/29 – 2:19 PM

Boyd Thomas  Received Oct 5, 2021, 5:18 PM

Dale Leier  Received Oct 5, 2021, 5:28 PM 

Chris Rowley  Received Oct 5, 2021, 5:33 PM

Ryan Leuko  Received Oct 5, 10:09 PM

Ben Christensen Received Oct 6, 3:28 AM

Mark Campbell Received Oct 6, 8:15 AM

Rajko Dodic Received Oct 6, 10:51 AM

Bill Ginther  Received Oct 6 12:08 PM

Darcy Logan  Received Oct 6, 5:31 PM

Shelby J MacLeod Received Oct 7, 4:08 PM

Davey Wiggers  Received Oct 7, 4:07 PM

Kelti Baird  Received Oct 7, 4:26 PM

Ryan Parker  Received Oct 7, 8:36 PM

Jenn Schmidt-Rempel  Received Oct 7, 9:08 PM

Tim VanderBeek  Received Oct 7, 9:49 PM

Belinda Crowson Received Oct 8, 8:04 AM

Jeffrey Carlson Received Oct 8, 1:34 PM

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