Shooting Sports Facility

Shooting Sports Facility

Shooting Sports Facility Overview

Take a virtual tour of the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility

The Range is located at Peenaquim Park ( 49°43′ 23.33″ N  112°51′ 01.58″ W). To get to the range from Highway 3 (Crowsnest Trail), turn north on 9th Avenue (Stafford Drive) and keep driving until you leave the residential area. Look for the sign on the left.


If you are planning on using restricted firearms (Handguns and others) at the LFGA Range?  When you complete / renew your application for an Authorization to Transport permit you will need the range address.

Physical Location: – 128 Riverbottom, Peenaquim Park, Part of 12-9-22.

Mailing Address: LFGA Shooting Sports Facility, Box 1358 Lethbridge AB, Canada T1J 4K1

The LFG Range is open to all LFGA members during daylight hours. Remember, an LFG Range Officer must be present on the range you are using (except archery). LFG Range Officers have entry cards for the gate.

The RANGE SCHEDULE is updated on a regular basis.  You may wish to check the schedule to make sure the range you wish to use is available.

Although the range surpasses required safety requirements, the LFGA Executive has a set of Range Safety Protocols to further public safety.

Other documents pertaining to the new methods of operation down at the Range include:

  • Range Rules, which cover the use of the Range facility.
  • Range Safety Protocols, revised since the closing of the Range.
  • The role of the LFGA Range Officer, including duties and responsibilities.
  • The Pre-Booking Hazard Assessment, which is a requisite for booking the Range for any activity.
  • The Range Access Agreement, the agreement for Range Officers to sign in order to be given the “key” for accessing the Range.
  • The LFG Range Incident Report, a new document prepared at the request of LFG Range Officers.

LFGA Range Bookings:

For advance bookings, send an e-mail the Range Operator and include your name and phone number, the number in your group, the date and time you want to shoot and the type of shooting you want to do (which range). A designated LFG Range Officer will respond by e-mail or phone within 48 hours.

Downloadable Files

Range Booking Hazard Assessment

Incident Report

Rules by Range

(Please click on the individual link for rule details.  It is highly recommended that all Facility users take the LFGA Range Officer Course) 

  • Range 1 _– Archery Ranges
  • Range 2s – Special Use Shotgun Slugs
  • Range 2 – Big Bore (Rifle Only)
  • Range 3 – .22lr Calibre Only
  • Range 4 – Handgun & Rimfire Only
  • Range 5 – Handgun and Rimfire Only
  • Range 6 – Shotgun Range (Skeet, Trap & Sporting Clays)
  • Range 7 – This is a special use only range and can be booked by arrangement with the Range Operator 

Special Notices & Related Information

Range Calendar – Please check range availability before going to use the facility.  If a Range has been rented or reserved for an event it is not generally open for other uses.  If you are interested in renting a range for yourself or a group contact the Range Operator