Award Recipients 2022

Award Recipients 2022

2022 LFGA Head Scoring – Big GamePlaceNameScore
Non Typical Mule Deer1stDustin Nordin174.4
2ndNathan Jensen169.3
3rdMark Mulgrew142.2
Typical Mule Deer1stGene Schalk163.8
2ndTim Mulgrew157
Typical Whitetail1stLeslie Stitt131.7
2ndJon Wachter116.6
3rdBrett Ficiur122.2
Non Typical Whitetail1stJerrid Lelek147.2
Pronghorn Antelope1stBrian Deezar71.2
Typical Elk1stJerrid Lelek219.7
2ndGil Ostrom213.5
Men’s Archery1stJoseph Baranyay218.5
Big Horn Sheep1stNigel Curtis161.3
Cougar1stSteve Osmond13.2

Photography Awards







Award Recipients 2021

Doug Balla – Life Member
Doug has been involved with the LFGA for 20 years, he has helped with numerous events at the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility including Range Clean Up, and Rifle Site-In Clinics. He often volunteers for mentored hunts, reloading classes, horn measuring, coaching, the Annual banquet, and to repair what ever needs it. He believes in ethics and safety, and has the best interest of the LFGA Club in mind. His is a wonderful volunteer and a past recipient of the Norm and Stella Ferguson Memorial Award.
Kim Cherniawsky – LFGA Certificate of Merit Award
Kim helps with the ladies shotgun class. She started her firearm journey at the class having no experience with a firearm at all. Having enjoyed herself so much took the firearms safety class as well as the restricted. She has helped demonstrate firearm safety at the moms and Guns’s class for the last two years and participate in Range cleanup days. If Kim has time off she helps at the range as much as possible
Tony Jansma – LFGA Certificate of Merit Award
Tony first started participating in the centre fire bench rest league in 2016 and helps out during leagues with anything that he can. He is regularly calls upon to do/make items for Range 2. All bench numbers on the 100, 200, and 300 yard target boards. Replacing target boards on range 2 as well as cutting plywood in half. He has been present for at all the sight in clinics each year and is instrumental in getting rifles “dialed in” and making sure each and every gun is cleaned properly. Doing whatever is required at the Frank Leffingwell Memorial Shoot as well as a sponsor. Assisting the lead instructor at the reloading, gun cleaning and scope courses. Father of four (4) shooters who he transports to the range when extra hands are required. Regularly attends LFGA General Meetings and a sponsor of LFGA banquets.
John Kerber – Spirit of LFGA Outstanding Service Award
John is LFGA royalty. He and his family have been active club members for longer than I have been alive. He has played many roles in the club. John is present for all club meetings with his lovely wife at his side. He and his business Kerber
Floors are a major sponsor of the club. He helps measure trophies for the club. He also dedicates a significant amount of time every year organizing the club banquet. The banquet is one of those events that creates new members and gives us an opportunity to share our accomplishments, a good meal and a drink or two. This major commitment includes finding sponsors, finding and setting up the venue and taking it down afterwards. Collecting game meat donations and often
butchering it himself for the banquet. This event has grown and enjoyed major success every year under his watch and is a major fund raiser for the club.
Ken Peterson- Life Membership
Ken has been involved in our organization in a number of positions most recently the President. He has been an active volunteer at the range and in particular building the sporting clays competitions. He has coached and helped organize events to raise funds for equipment to support the sporting clays events, trap and skeet. He has competed in the sport on a provincial and national level. He has been the recipient of the Earl Carr and has had other awards by LFGA. He has and will be a great supporter of the LFGA.
Bill Stephenson – Certificate of Merit
Bill first started helping out at the Banquet in 2014 by selling raffle tickets and setting up tables. He continued doing that for 5 years. Is a millwright by trade and over the years he has made several items that are used by bench rest shooters – 4 front rests for bench rest league 3 reloading tables for gun courses. He has been present for at least one sight in clinic each year and is instrumental in bore sighting new and/or severally out of whack guns. Doing whatever is required at the Frank Leffingwell Memorial Shoot. Assisting the lead instructors at the reloading, gun cleaning, and scope courses. Replacing target boards on range 2 and range 7 as requested. Flips hamburgers at range clean up day.
Scott Sweetman – Spirit of LFGA Outstanding Service Award
Scott has shown that someone can be a participating member of the club in more than just the traditional ways. He has continually promoted both the club and the shooting sports. He has advocated for firearm and hunters rights. He has played an integral role in researching and lobbying governments and finding common interest groups. He has worked in the background providing public relations designed to help the public understand our sports and our passion for safe shooting activities. He has also played a role in assisting with several club activities such as the yearly banquet and keeps us modern and in touch with tech support.
Dean Weger – Norm and Stella Ferguson Memorial Award
Dean is a fixture at the range. He has coached and taught youth in our rifle program for years. He is always there to help with youth programs and many big bore events. He also volunteers every year at the Frank Leffingwell memorial shoot making sure that that event occurs. He has dedicated the personal time of both himself and his family with range clean up and maintenance. Not only is he a dedicated member but he has produced several children who are dedicated and nurtured that dedication in countless other shooting enthusiasts. He is one hell of a shot too. He is reliable and represents the spirit of the Club

Photography Awards 2021

KIDS1stJuliette Labonte
2ndShelby Kennedy
3rd Lillyanna Labonte
OPEN1stSheila Laqua
2ndNash Francom
3rdSam Labonte
SCENERY1stArmin Gerstenbuhler
2ndEverett Hanna
3rdJon Wachter
TROPHY1stBrody Faulds
2ndArmin Gerstenbuhler
3rdEverett Hanna
WILDLIFE1stDennis Collins
2ndNash Francom
3rdJoanna Faulds






Big Game Winners 2021

Moose1stJeremy Deters 99 1/8 n0n-typical
Pronghorn1stJeff Mantya73 2/8
2ndSteve Osmond73 0/8
3rdMichelle Kennedy70 4/8
Mule Deer1stMadeline Balla165 2/8
2ndRick Kortt154 4/8
3rdTony Jansma141 1/8
Mule Deer NON1stKelsey Wiersma155 6/8
Whitetail Deer1stRiley Erickson150 5/8
2ndChris Lysak140 7/8
3rdCody Stahl136 0/8
Whitetail Deer Non1stJerrid Lelek146 5/8
Youth Whitetail1stEmily Lysak155 4/8
2ndTéa Jansma98 1/8

Bird Winners 2021

Up Land – Adult
Pheasant1stRoger Stein37 1/8
2ndTed Feller37
3rdRoger Stein36.5
Grouse – Blue, Ruffed, Sharptail, Spruce1stJon Wachter1lb 5 oz
Partridge1stJon Wachter14 oz
Migratory – Adult
Duck1stMichelle Kennedy2lbs 11 oz
Goose – Canada, Snow, White-Fronted1stMichelle Kennedy14lbs 1 oz
Upland Hunter of the Year1stRoger Stein73.625
Migratory Hunter of the Year1st Michelle Kennedy268