Boyd Thomas – 2021

Boyd Thomas – 2021

Boyd Thomas <>Received: Oct 5, 2021, 5:18 PM 

LFGA City of Lethbridge By-Election Candidate Questions.

1) Do you support the continued operation of the Lethbridge Fish & Game Shooting Sports Facility in the current location in Pennaquim Park?

I do support the continued operation of the Lethbridge Fish and Game Shooting Facility at the current location.  I have limited context, but to my knowledge It is established, safe, well maintained and responsibly operated and used.  I have used the facility in the past and I believe it is an excellent venue to teach ethics, character and responsible gamesmanship.

2) The Federal government has said it will place the choice of banning handguns in the hands of municipalities. Lethbridge has an extremely active handgun sport-related community and culture. Would you support banning handguns in Lethbridge? Why or why not?

No, I am against the banning of active handgun sport-related activities.  I have enjoyed the sport and I am very much aware of the high degree of attention, protocol and process that is involved. The sport is enjoyable because it teaches skills and promotes consistency of behaviour that develops the character of the participants. This sport is unique with historical cultural value. You participate as an individual but you are highly aware of other participants at a level of trust that starts with entering the range.

3) Do you believe a ban on so-called ‘assault-style weapons’ that were legally owned by law-abiding people involved in the shooting sports makes our communities safer?

I do not support this type of ban nor do I support the notion that banning legally owned weapons by law-abiding people will make our communities safer.  National statistics in both Canada and the United States would suggest that knives, hand-tools and baseball bats should be banned based their on frequent use in violent crime.

4) Do you understand the process of becoming a licensed firearm owner in Canada? Do you have a PAL or RPAL?

My RPAL has long expired and I did not renew it after legally selling and transferring ownership of my handgun to a member of the local sporting association in the 1990’s.

5) Have you experienced sport shooting or ethical hunting yourself?  What do you think are the key points to ethical hunting?

In my youth, I was trained by a former WWII veteran in .22 bore long rifle Canadian Sharp Shooting compeitions – Bore hole targets. I competed for 4 years.  I was a hunting enthusiast for a number of years. I have harvested both big game and fowl game. However, If I were to go hunting again, I would need to go with an experienced hunter to be reminded of the ethical standards, especially when you endure “buck fever” : be reminded of when to shoot, what is behind and beyond the target, beside the target, clear shot or don’t shot, and so many other principles that are vital to ethical sportsmanship. I haven’t thought about these in years and recognize that I am not using the commonly expressed phrases.

6) Have you used the Lethbridge Fish & Game Associations Shooting Sports Facility or been involved in any of our many conservation projects or activities?
Yes.  (Previously stated)

7) Do you support the City’s financial support of facility upgrades at the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility? 

I am in favour of the sport. But I would have to give consideration to a proposed application on based on the approved budget of the city and have to prioritize that investment with other applicant needs.

I believe there are things that are needed. I believe there are things that are useful.  Things that are needed are useful, but not everything useful is needed.  I would love to say “yes” but I need to grasp how resources are being used to deal with some serious issues which include our deplorable crime rate standing in Canada and our cities housing crisis for families. I am very troubled that our tax rates exceeded our city’s growth rate. Again, I would to say tell you “yes” upon considering an application, but I can’t responsibility promise without consideration of available resources and seeing a proposal from your organization. I do favour and see value in this association, that is a certainty.

8) Do you support the statement that the Lethbridge Fish and Game Association Shooting Sports Facility and related organizations represent an important community sport and recreation resource in our community?
Yes, without a doubt. I believe my previous answers have indicated that with enthusiasm.

9) Do you believe that the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility should be treated differently than other sporting venues by the City of Lethbridge. If so, how?
I do not have a context to accurately answer that question. I don’t understand the context of being “treated differently”. 

10) The LFGA on behalf of its members donates thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours into conservation and habitat yearly. Do you feel this is important at the municipal level and are you involved in any of these activities or do you support wildlife conservation and habitat protection in other ways?

In the past, I was actively involved in fish and wild life activities including being a member of the Junior Forest Wardens – that is going way back. I sometimes do long to be involved in similar activities again, but my passions, and therefor my investments, has been focused on humanitarian efforts.  I have travelled internationally and financed myself to go to 3rd world nations and contribute my skill sets and expertise in orphanages and other charities serving underdeveloped populations.

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Thank you for your invitation. I will give it further thought.

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Boyd Thomas

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