Darcy Logan -2021

Darcy Logan -2021

Darcy Logan <logan4council@gmail.com>Oct 6, 2021, 5:31 PM 

Hi Lethbridge Fish & Game Association, thanks for reaching out.  The number of questions I have received from community groups and the public are overwhelming, and I spend my evenings trying to work through them chronologically.  Sorry, my response took this long.

1) Do you support the continued operation of the Lethbridge Fish & Game Shooting Sports Facility in the current location in Pennaquim Park?

Yes, it is a great facility.

2) The Federal government has said it will place the choice of banning handguns in the hands of municipalities. Lethbridge has an extremely active handgun sport-related community and culture. Would you support banning handguns in Lethbridge? Why or why not?

We have stringent restrictions around the storage and transfer of handguns, and a rigorous process for purchasing them.  My friend Michelle Sylvestre is active in handgun sport shooting, and I believe the community would be no safer from any municipal ban.

3) Do you believe a ban on so-called ‘assault-style weapons’ that were legally owned by law-abiding people involved in the shooting sports makes our communities safer?

Just because a firearm looks scary doesn’t mean it is any more dangerous than other long guns, and I would not support bans because of aesthetics.  That being said, I believe in thorough education & screening before individuals are allowed to purchase firearms, and am opposed to increases in magazine capacity and add-ons like bump-stocks.  

4) Do you understand the process of becoming a licensed firearm owner in Canada? Do you have a PAL or RPAL?

I had a PAL when I was younger, but it has expired.  I keep meaning to take the course again, but always get busy.  It is on my list for sure.

5) Have you experienced sport shooting or ethical hunting yourself?  What do you think are the key points to ethical hunting?

I have used firearms since I was a teenager, and used to love target & skeet shooting.  I haven’t done much shooting in the last 15 years, though.  I am not a hunter, but believe ethical hunting is more humane than industrial meat production. Ethical hunting needs an understanding of animal anatomy, and the nature & appropriateness of the firearm used.  It needs proper awareness of seasons and permits, and an understanding of conservation.  Most importantly I think ethical hunters should have a deep awareness of the value and preciousness of life.

6) Have you used the Lethbridge Fish & Game Associations Shooting Sports Facility or been involved in any of our many conservation projects or activities?

A few years ago I had the honour to be introduced to the Shooting Sports Facility as a guest of Scott Sweetman, and I had the opportunity to fire handguns for the first time.  It really changed my perspective around them.

7) Do you support the City’s financial support of facility upgrades at the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility?

Like all recreation and cultural groups, I am in favour of sustainable support for facilities upgrades when appropriate.

8) Do you support the statement that the Lethbridge Fish and Game Association Shooting Sports Facility and related organizations represent an important community sport and recreation resource in our community?

Yes.  Recreation and cultural groups are threads in the social tapestry that makes Lethbridge an amazing place to live.  The Lethbridge Fish and Game Association Shooting Sports Facility contributes to an active and vibrant community.

9) Do you believe that the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility should be treated differently than other sporting venues by the City of Lethbridge. If so, how?

I believe all recreation & cultural organizations, and their facilities, should be treated as equal stakeholders.  The LFGA Shooting Sports Facility operates in a safe and sustainable manner similar to other venues and should be recognized as such.

10) The LFGA on behalf of its members donates thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours into conservation and habitat yearly. Do you feel this is important at the municipal level and are you involved in any of these activities or do you support wildlife conservation and habitat protection in other ways?

Environmental stewardship and conservation are critical components to a healthy community, region, province and country.  Our municipal government needs to support community partners who are doing this valuable work.

Kind regards,
Darcy Logan