Ryan Lepko -2021

Ryan Lepko -2021

Ryan Lepko <vote@ryanlepko.com>Received Oct 5, 2021, 10:09 PM 

1.  I have been a member up until this past year when I let my
membership lapse and did not renew it.  Could not commit to much
shooting this year unfortunately.  I absolutely continue to support
where the LFGA is presently at.

2.  This is a change that the federal government would place that kind
of power on a municipality, usually it is the federal government taking
power away from cities.  I would absolutely, never approve a handgun ban
in this city.  Ever.  If successful and this were to ever be an issue, I
would be loud and clear in my opposition to any such bylaw.

3.  No.  Statistics show this is not an issue that requires immediate
and urgent attention to.  Criminals kill people, not law abiding gun
owners.  Again. having owned an assault rifle in the past, this would be
a waste of legislation and taking attention away from the woefully
inadequate gun laws for the people that actually commit these offences.

4.  I have both a PAL and RPAL.  I know the process very well.  Can it
be laborious and time consuming?  Yes.  But I feel this is an area that
needs proper screening and approval.

5.  Yes, I am a hunter.  Ethical hunting is important as it reflects on
us as a community.

6.  Yes I have used the facility on many occasions.  No, I have not been
part of any conservation effort on behalf of the club.

7.  I am not in favor of any government funded money to improve the club
unfortunately.  Budgets are tight, global economic headwinds are
presenting challenges and federal and provincial monies to
municipalities can change very quickly.  Sorry, I am not in favor of
this like I am not in favor of funds for the arts or performing arts

8.  Yes I do.

9.  I did not know it was being treated differently.  I would need
specifics to address this properly.

10.  Conservation efforts are important municipally as wildlife is part
of our city.  No, I have not ever undertaken formal conservation
efforts.  I do believe in leaving the land as you left it.  That is the
best conservation effort I have undertaken on a personal level.

Good questions.  Our community needs to be ever mindful of all levels of
government wanting to control and restrict our firearms even more so
then what they already are.  Unfortunately, many gun laws penalize the
law abiding citizen, and not the criminal.  This club and all local gun
owners have my 100% support.

Ryan Lepko
Lethbridge City Council Candidate

*Ryan did not recopy the questions in his reply so it has been reproduced here as received -Scott