Chris Rowley -2021

Chris Rowley -2021

Chris RowleyReceived Oct 5, 2021, 5:33 PM

1 yes I do support the Lethbridge fish and game shooting sports facility in its current location

2 no I would not support banning handguns and Lethbridge. It’s not fair to ban them because of criminals.

3 banning guns that citizens use for sports does not make communities safer. Criminals don’t go through the process of registering their guns.

4 no I do not own guns. But I would work with people to understanding how hard it is.

5 no I haven’t experienced sports shooting or hunting. But I’d be open to going out with a group of people to learn

6 no I haven’t been and I would love to get out and volunteer for some of your events. My phone number is 403-929-2935.

7 I 100% agree with getting some money to upgrade and upkeep the facility.

8 yes I support it I believe all sports in lethbridge are important.

9 no I think the gun association should be making the rules and setting them.

10. Conservation at the municipal level is important. As a member of our city I’d love to volunteer for your organization. How do I get on your email list for volunteering?

Please add my phone number to your thing you send out to your members my phone number is 403-929-2935 if people want to give me a call and talk about these concerns I’m more than happy to do that.

*Chris did not include the questions in his answers so it has been reproduced here in the same way. Space between answers has been added for visual clarity. -Scott