Membership Info

Membership Info

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

Memberships can be purchased online here

If you have any questions or have any problem with the online system please email our developer at White Night Media

Benefits of Membership

By purchasing a membership in our club you will receive:

  • Outdoors West Magazine for Western Canada’s Anglers and Hunters, which includes information from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon.
  • The privilege of using one of the finest outdoor shooting ranges in Western Canada.
  • The opportunity to get special discounts on home and auto insurance through a group plan through the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA).

The Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA) is the umbrella organization with which the LFGA is affiliated. In addition to the benefits listed above, there are usually yearly membership incentive offers through the AFGA, including contests and merchandise. You and your family will also be able to participate in AFGA’s programs, scholarships, competitions, and committees.

Membership Pledge

  • We believe in the wisdom of nature’s design.
  • We know that soil, water, plants and wild creatures depend upon each other and are vital to human life.
  • We recognize that each living thing links to many others in the chain of nature.
  • We believe that continuing research into the intricate pattern of outdoor life will help assure wise use of earth’s abundance.
  • We condemn no wild creature and work to assure that no living species shall be lost.
  • We believe that every generation should be able to experience spiritual and physical refreshment in places where primitive nature is undisturbed. So we will be vigilant to protect wilderness areas, refuges and parks, and to encourage good use of nature’s storehouse of resources.
  • We dedicate ourselves to the pleasant task of opening the eyes of young and old that all may come to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor world, and to share in conserving its wonders forever.

Member Classifications

Regular Membership
Regular Membership is for one person only. It allows participation in all Club functions and activities but does not allow Range privileges. Range access must be purchased in addition to Regular Membership. Regular Members are entitled to one vote at all General Meetings of the Association.

Youth Membership

A Youth Membership is open to young people under 18 years of age. A Range Member can purchase a Youth Membership for a brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild or for the child down the block who would like to use the shooting ranges. A Range Officer must supervise children less than 18 years of age. Youth members 16 years of age and older are entitled to one vote at all General Meetings of the Association.

Family Regular Membership
Family Regular Membership consists of one Regular Member, a spouse or partner, and all dependent children under 18 years of age. Family Regular Membership allows participation in all Club functions and activities but does not allow Range privileges. Range membership must be purchased in addition individually for each person wishing to utilize the facilities. If occasional use only, day passes are available for purchase in advance but that individual must be accompanied by a Member with a range membership and who have their range officer status at all times. The Regular Member, the spouse or partner, and all dependent children 16 years of age and older are each entitled to one vote at all General Meetings of the Association.

Range Membership
Range Membership is for one person only. Range membership is only available as an addition to a regular or family membership – NOT as a standalone membership. It allows the use of the LFGA Range Facilities, either accompanied by a range officer or as a range officer.

Day Pass (Range Use):
Day passes for use of the Range are available at the listing below: Individuals may use the day pass for the day purchased but must be accompanied by a member with a range membership who have their range officer status.

Annual Membership Fees
-Memberships are from January 1st to December 31st of the current year in which the membership is purchased.
-There is an annual membership fee for each Membership Classification.
-Membership fees are established in accordance with the LFGA Bylaws.

Range Officer Course

-Upon completion of this course, you will obtain a Range Access Card for admittance to the Range Facility.  Courses are held at the LFGA Hut.  To find out when the next course is visit the website under the Hut Calendar or contact the directly.

Admission of Membership

-Membership is available to any person who wishes to support the conservation of our fish, wildlife and natural resources and their management of the future and subscribes to the policies, principles, objectives and rules of the Association.

Rights and Privileges

A Member shall have the right:
-Of access to the property and facilities as provided by the membership classification.
-To one vote on matters of the Association during General Meetings.
-To become a Member of the Board of Directors if so elected by a majority at the Annual General Meeting.
-To receive communications from the Association.


-To comply with Association’s policies.
-To comply with Association rules as established which are published in the By-laws, and/or posted on the Association’s Shooting Facilities.

Withdrawal and Refund of Fees

A member may withdraw from the Association tendering a written resignation to the Secretary of the Association, but the membership fee of such a member, or any part thereof, shall not be refunded except as approved by the Board of Directors.

Thank you.