Range Officer & Day Pass Information

Range Officer & Day Pass Information

Range Officer Network

If you are not an LFGA Range member you may use the range accompanied by a volunteer Range Officer (RO).  Email Selestia, our Range Volunteer Coordinator to make arrangements to connect you with one of our volunteers at LFGA.Range.Volunteer@gmail.com Please provide your cellphone number, several alternate dates and times and what firearms you will be bringing to the range.

Once you have confirmed your arrangements with the RO you will need to purchase a Day Pass for $25.00 online  HERE or by depositing $25.00 cash or cheque in an envelope marked with the date, your name and the RO’s name in the mail slot in the door of the office at the range.  LFGA members who are not Range Officers will not have to pay this fee.

Range Officer Qualification Courses

Monthly between January and August, the Lethbridge Fish and Game Association will offer a Range Officer Qualification Course.  We will also provide offerings when there is enough interest to justify a course. The course dates are viewable on the Range Calendar

As a qualified LFGA Range Officer, you will become a member of the LFGA Range Officer Network, which will call on you from time to time to provide access and supervision at the LFGA Shooting Range for other members and the public on a volunteer basis.

The cost of the course is $25. You will need to provide proof of LFGA Range membership.

LFGA memberships must be purchased in advance and can be purchased at Marksman Guns or online HERE. You can register and get additional information by emailing lfga.ro.network@gmail.com