RANGE 5 Handgun and Rimfire

RANGE 5 Handgun and Rimfire

RANGE 5 Handgun and Rimfire

Consumption of alcohol or drugs on range premises is prohibited


  • All range users MUST be LF&G range members or possess valid day passes and carry same when on the range.
  • The normal equipment used at this range and the normal operation of this range is indicated in the following descriptions.
  • On an exception basis (pre-approved matches, league, or range bookings) the use of other equipment may be allowed at the discretion of the Range Operator.
  • At all other times these rules are in force.

Range Details

Location: Next range south of range #4

Description: 4M, 8M, 15M, 20M, 25M rim fire/ handgun range

Advance warning system: RED light above entrance to covered firing line

Active firing line: RED light ON

Firing has ceased: RED light OFF

No. Firing Points: 10

Firing Distances: Fixed Distances 4M, 8M, 15M, 20M, 25M

Approved Firearms: All rim fire rifles and all handguns (center-fire or rim fire)

Approved Targets: Paper targets.

Approved Ammunition: Full Metal Jacket, Soft Point, and lead bullets – No incendiary,

Range Rules

  1. No firing before 8 AM (9 AM ON Sunday’s) and no firing after sunset or 9 PM (whichever is earlier).
  2. No firing if target visibility is reduced as determined by the Range Officer.
  3. Only enter the range via the entrance door to the covered firing line. (Do not enter by side of building)
  4. Turn ON the RED light while the range is active.
  5. Use approved firearms and ammunition only.
  6. Use approved targets only mounted on the target boards provided.
  7. Firing can be ONLY be done from under the covered firing line (in the building).
  8. When firing the muzzle direction must always be down range, and the muzzle must never be raised more than 10 degrees from ground level.
  9. Loaded handguns are only allowed on the firing line when it is active.
  10. Loaded handguns shall never be left unattended.
  11. All handguns must be holstered or cased except while on an active firing line or while in the firearm safety area.
  12. Do not move or transport loaded handguns between ranges, vehicles or firearm safety areas.
  13. Unattended firearms shall be unloaded with the action left open.
  14. Hang fires will be disposed of in the container provided.
  15. When shooters are down-range, do not handle your handgun at the firing line for any reason.
  16. Hearing protection for shooters and range staff in near proximity to an active firing line is mandatory.
  17. Eye protection for shooters and range staff in near proximity to an active firing line is mandatory.
  18. All spent cartridge cases must be collected and disposed of in containers provided or removed from range.
  19. At the conclusion of each and every use of the range, all firing points are to be cleared of brass and debris,
  20. Firearm Safety areas will be established, as required to ensure safe practices, by the Range Officer as dictated by the specific shooting circumstances. Live ammunition is prohibited in firearm safety areas.
  21. At no time are glass, pop cans or similar items allowed to be targets on the range facility.
  22. The detonation of explosive devices is prohibited on the range property.
  23. Burning of garbage is prohibited. All garbage is to be collected, bagged and taken to the garbage bin located at the main gate or otherwise removed from the range property.