Range 1 – Archery Range

Range 1 – Archery Range

Consumption of alcohol or drugs on range premises is prohibited


· All range users MUST be LF&G range members or possess valid day passes and carry same when on the range.

· The normal equipment used at this range and the normal operation of this range is indicated in the following descriptions.

· On an exception basis (pre-approved matches, league, or range bookings) the use of other equipment may be allowed at the discretion of the Range Operator.

· At all other times these rules are in force.

Range Details:

Location: Northern most portion of range facility.

Description: Archery Range

Advance warning system: No flag or light required

Active firing line: N/A

Firing has ceased: N/A

No. Firing Points: 10

Firing Distances: 20 to 70 yards / FITA range – 30 to 90 meters

Approved Firearms: NONE – Archery Equipment Only

Approved Targets: 3D and paper

Approved Projectiles: Field Points and Broadheads

Range Rules:

1. No firing before 8 AM (9 AM on Sunday’s) and no firing after sunset or 9 PM (whichever is earlier).

2. No firing if target visibility is reduced as determined by the Range Officer.

3. Use approved archery equipment.

4. Use approved targets

5. Use approved projectiles

6. Bows must be drawn so that the arrow points down range.

7. When shooters are down-range, do not have an arrow on the string.

8. All shooting must be carried out with archers side by side in a straight line.

9. The tree stand may be used if the south butts are not in use. Shoot at approved targets only.

10. Broadheads may be shot at the butts that are designated “Broadhead Use”. They are not to be shot at the regular butts.

11. At the conclusion of each and every use of the range, all firing points are to be cleared of debris, and all paper targets removed.