LFGA Range Officer Course

LFGA Range Officer Course

Hello Folks

Please welcome all of our new members as they take our Range Officer Certification Course and become volunteers. Spread the word that this course is available for new members. 

LFGA has been serving Southern Alberta for almost 100 years and we are growing. We now have over 2,000 members. People are finding out that we are a fantastic outdoor organization that financially supports projects that will mean our children and hopefully their children will be able to enjoy being close to nature, fish and wildlife. Our volunteers complete wildlife enhancement projects in conjunction with our partner organizations … the Alberta Conservation Association and the Alberta fish and Game Association. 

LFGA encourages all people to join our inclusive programs, leagues and informal groups at our Shooting Sports Facility which is one of the best in Canada and getting better. 


This course will be held on August 28 on the Classroom at our facility starting at 1:00PM.

Range Membership is required and you must register by email at: lfga.range.officer.network@gmail.com

Provide the following information:

Your Name:

Your Phone Number:

Your Membership Number:

The cost for this is $35.00.

You will receive an email with further information to complete your registration. 


Rick Blakeley,

Volunteer Range Operator and President LFGA Shooting Sports Facility
Box 1358

Lethbridge, Alberta

Cell 1 (403) 308-3541 Fax: 1 (403) 327-9026

URL: www.lfga.club


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