Important Notice Regarding Facility Use.

Important Notice Regarding Facility Use.

From our Volunteer Range Operator and President, Rick Blakeley

Dear Members,

We have been attempting to gain access to ranges 1, 6 and 7 however due to occupational health and safety concerns this will not happen.

Many of you were diligent and sent in the revised access agreement and that shows me how important access to the range is to you however in the interest of getting the construction completed without complications the City has required us to completely curtail all range shooting activities including archery.

We are still working on other volunteer work that support this project as well as some of our other projects. Please understand that your flood of responses was fantastic and was useful when we were encouraging Ward Construction and the City of Lethbridge to prioritize our construction. Things are coming together the screw piles are almost completed; tons of wood cladding has been delivered and the air baffles will be showing up later this week so the crane will be onsite getting stuff mounted. Drive by and you will see a lot of activity.

Again, I understand you are frustrated and so am I. With COVID, wonderful weather and all your new firearms and archery equipment it would normally be a great reason to get some aromatherapy art the range and that will happen as soon as we are finished with all of the construction. As a volunteer, this community is one of the best that I have served and I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Rick Blakeley, Volunteer Range Operator and President.

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