Easter Update (Shooting Sport Facility)

Easter Update (Shooting Sport Facility)

I appreciate all of your emails and comments. They show that you really are passionate members of our shooting community. CONSTRUCTION UPDATEConstruction seems to be taking two steps forward and then three steps backward but today I had some GREAT NEWS…. The people erecting the air baffles will be working overtime and weekends to hurry the job.  We may be taking four steps forward soon. .

WHAT A WONDERFUL NEW LFGA COMMUNITY PARTNER — Mc NALLY CONTRACTORS LTD.— PROVIDING AND HAULING SOIL FOR US AT NO CHARGE.A huge thanks to out to McNally Contractors Ltd.  Ward Bros.needed topsoil and Madeline Balla observed that they were hauling truckloads away from a pile. I got in touch with them and as a result they have been delivering truckload after truckload of topsoil at no cost to us.  WOW THAT FELT GOOD!!! This is an amazing gift and a wonderful group of people to work with so if you need anything call them first and let them know that you are pleased that they have helped us out.  We are committed to providing $100,000 in volunteer service and materials to this project and this contribution will take us a long way to that goal.  In addition to the $700,000 that we will pay in annual payments of $20,000 and $30,000 in programs for the people of Lethbridge.  We provide programs and services to the citizens of Lethbridge thanks to generous grants from the Alberta Conservation Association. So LFGA’s total contribution will be  $1.1 Million dollars.  We are well on our way to those goals thanks to you.

NOTE: Volunteer opportunity … We will still need some trucks and volunteers to haul clay fill soon.VOLUNTEERS DURING THE DAY TO JOIN ME:We need people who can do a desk job as they look after the gate so we can improve the efficiency of the contractor and make it so the Mc Nally trucks aren’t delayed.  .
COMPENSATION FOR LOST TIMEI am listening and thank the members for being straight with their frustrations. In response to the people who feel they have been shorted on their dues I have decided that I will provide two free Day Passes ($35.00 X 2 = $70.00) to the first 200 people who request one at this email address lfga.ro.network@gmail.com.  I can’t do any more to hurry Ward Bros and I can’t control the City and their safety concerns but I can make it so you can take some friends to the range when we are open. This is something that I can control.

Best wished to all of you for this wonderful time of year and a long Easter Weekend.Recognizing the diversity of the members in our LFGA outdoors community this time of year we all celebrate the coming of warm weather in addition to a number of religious celebrations.  Here are just some of them:

  • March 27 to April 4 Passover – Jewish
  • April  2 Good Friday – Christian
  • April 4 Easter Sunday – Christian
  • April 8 Yom HaShoah  – Jewish
  • April 13 Hindi New Year – Hindu
  • April 13-21 Ramayana – Hindu
  • April 13 Ramadan begins – Islam
  • April 14 Baisakhi (Vaisakhi) – Sikh
  • April 16 First Day of Ridvan – Baha’i

So I hope you and all that you love are taking some time for yourself to regenerate and enjoy the fantastic outdoors.Drive by and check out the activities.  Text me if you can help out during the day or if you just want to visit.


Rick Blakeley

Volunteer Range Operator and President

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