Range Update

Range Update

LFGA Shooting Sports Facility Status Report – Monday March 1, 2021

Construction Project Background:Thank you very much for your patience as we complete this 1.7 million dollar construction project. This has been a crazy year to complete this important construction and we understand your frustrations. Please remember that Allan, Tom and I have been working on getting CIP grant funding to relocate or improve range safety since 2012. We are volunteers who have done our best to represent your best interests. These dates were selected during the winter months because it is the least active time of the year. In a normal winter there is an average of 5 entries to the range per day months and most of those are the same person. We are very lucky to have a range that is close and this construction has many benefits mainly it will add an additional layer of safety and extend our lease. All of us in the shooting sports are passionate about the safety and security of all people so it is important that we think of the safety of our neighbours. I appreciate you taking the time to understand how much effort your volunteers have put into this project and its importance to your Shooting Sports Facility.

Status Report:

I was happy to see that today after many adjustments, design changes and material delays behind the scenes the work is finally progressing. Today, Ward Construction, the general contractor, is on site starting to install screw piles on range 2, 3, and 5. Screw piles are being manufactured for range 4 and 2S. The baffles for range 2, 3, and 5 are made and sitting in the sub-contractors yard waiting for the installation of the screw piles, and they are now manufacturing the baffles for range 4 and 2S.As the baffles are installed there is some civil work on the berms that has to be done to finish them off. Once all the civil work is completed all ranges will then be hydro seeded.Weather permitting once the first screw pile goes in the ground the general contractor and their sub trades will be on site until the project has been completed, this should take 4 to 6 weeks or mid-April at the latest. And then the work starts for our volunteers who will complete the setup for the ranges so look forward to a dates for our work parties. I hope that many of you will join our work parties. This will be followed by the grand reopening of our facility.

Range Officer Courses:

Range Officer courses will start in April and will be advertised by email to members, on our website and on FaceBook.

Rick Blakeley, President and Range OperatorCell Phone: 403-308-3541

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