Range Update – Construction Complete

Range Update – Construction Complete

The Shooting Sports Facility has been turned back to our control and it is time for our shooting community to come together and get to work. All volunteers will be observing strict COVID rules but we can still spread out and get a lot done.

Ranges 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are now open for use tomorrow, May 10th 2021. Please use extra care avoiding the new baffles and freshly seeded areas. 

Range 2s, 2 and 5 will take lot of volunteer efforts to be available for use. And there is a ton of work to be done to bring the whole facility up to useable condition so check for our future emails and call for volunteers as we continue to develop projects. 

Next weekend (May 15 & 16) you should plan on coming down to help. 

We will have lots of rocks to pick out of the backstops and berms. Work will include erecting target boards, general construction, building decks shelters and finishing the earthwork. 

A huge thanks go out to Scott Meeks with his company, CCK Parking Lot Maintenance and United Rentals they have made sure we have loaders, a backhoe and a skid steer. McNally Construction have hauled tons of soil down to the facility that we will be using. 

If you are a heavy equipment operator and have time to volunteer I can put you to work. Just let me know. 

There is a huge hole that needs to be filled in range 2, berms and backstops that need to be built so we could use earth moving equipment like trucks to hail clay, a track hoe, scraper, packers and other construction equipment. Let me know if you can help out lending equipment and operators. 

If you have time during the week I can certainly put you to work.

This is going to be the best shooting facility in Canada when we are finished. LFGA COVID 19 Protocols – All Range Officers will follow and enforce the following COVID protocols. Please read these modifications to your facility use agreement. There will be consequences.  Folks this is critical because we definitely do not wish to be shut down for another extended period. 


Rick Blakeley MBA, President and Volunteer Range Operator


LFGA Shooting Sports Facility

Box 1358

Lethbridge, Alberta


Cell 1 (403) 308-3541

Fax: 1 (403) 327-9026

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