Make this weekend a .22lr kind of weekend!

Make this weekend a .22lr kind of weekend!

Tomorrow it’s open and it’s going to be a nice +8 !! Range 3, .22lr, redeveloped shooting distances and situations, reactive targets and pure, inexpensive, sport shooting FUN!! Add that to a well-timed break in the cold weather this weekend and it’s a perfect time to visit the LFGA Shooting Sports facility and try out the NEW Range 3! (.22lr only only)

We would really like to thank the following Corporate Community Partners for making the Range 3 redevelopment possible.

  • Country Landscape for their volunteering their heavy earthmoving truck and equipment and the people.
  • United Rentals for providing equipment 
  • Range Rabbit giving us a STEEL (Pun) of a deal on reactive targets.
  • PLEASE support the people that support us and let them know how much we appreciate their support!

We would also like to send a HUGE thank you to the volunteers who really stepped up to make the redevelopment possible – Eric Giesbreicht, and Karmyn Colter Bates need to be recognised by name for the magnitude of their donation of time and resources. Others helped as well and to everyone involved we are VERY grateful!!

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