LFGA Volunteers in Action – Wildlife

LFGA Volunteers in Action – Wildlife

Hello Folks, 

LFGA through our great volunteers completed many projects. Here is a picture of Fred Watmough and Frank Pawlak releasing pheasants. Vic Stasiuk and I have also worked on this Alberta Conservation Association project.  Along with 4H clubs we are also providing funds to release hens during the mating season. Our hope is that there will be many of these beautiful birds being born in the wild for our children to enjoy. 

Proceeds from the hunters licenses provide Alberta Conservation Association to complete major habitat renewal along with clubs like Lethbridge Fish and Game Association. Vist the habitat and water quality project along the canal starting at Milford Colony and across the Highway from the colony that is the Ridge Reservoir Project.  


Rick Blakeley,

President and Volunteer Range OperatorLFGA Shooting Sports Facility
Box 1358, Lethbridge, Alberta

Cell 1 (403) 308-3541

URL: www.lfga.club

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