RANGE CLEAN UP June 26 & 27

Starting June 26th 8:00am

Finishing June 27th 4:00pm

We are holding our range clean up days, starting on Friday, June 26th and finishing up on Saturday, June 27th at 4:00 PM. We would love everyone to come down and lend a helping hand.

To facilitate lunch and which jobs can be accomplished, we would like ALL people register by emailing Madeline at lfga.treasurer@gmail.com to indicate which areas they would like to put their time in.


Need gas powered weed whackers as there is a pile of trimming to be done.

Need individual weed sprayers to spray backstops and front shale areas

Need people with carpenter skills as we would like to build two (2) boxes to house Range 2 target boards and all gas/oil containers for range equipment. If time permits, need two (2) lean-tos that will house the Range 2 golf cart as well as our wood piles on Range 6. Therefore, skill saws, carpentry tools, etc., would be required.

We would also require lots of lifting as there is items that need to be moved to a more permanent home that may be on or off the Range.

There are even jobs for the little ones. The rocks on the berms have migrated to the surface over the winter and need to be removed. Also at the back of Range 6. While they are out in the field, a general garbage pick-up can be done.

Would love for a painter with spray painting capabilities to come forward to totally spray the four (4) walls inside the garage. If this is accomplished, then we need shelving to be reinstalled.

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