LFGA Range 2 Centre Fire – PARTIAL Opening

LFGA Range 2 Centre Fire – PARTIAL Opening

Hello Folks,

I have determined that we can PARTIALLY open Range 2.  Please understand that you must respect the wishes of the people working on the range and follow their instructions.

We have brought three benches over from Range 3 and 4 for temporary benches on Range 2.  These will be returned once the permanent benches are installed.  We will from time to time make requests for volunteers to assist with the bench installation etc.  Currently a group of construction volunteers are working on the finishing touches in the range make sure you thank them.



There are pilons on each bench.  When they are in the upright position the range will be clear to set up targets.  Please PROVE safe as usual and step back from the bench while putting the pilon in the upright position.

The range will be clear to set up targets and go downrange when ALL pilons are up.


The pilon will be collapsed on the bench and when all pilons are in the collapsed position the range will be open and you will be able to begin firing your firearms.

Please follow all our other protocols.

Rick Blakeley, President and Range Operator.

403-308-3541 text if you have questions.

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