Huge Help Needed to Finish a Project at our facility!

Huge Help Needed to Finish a Project at our facility!

Hello Folks,

This has been a very busy summer For the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility even with the COVID restrictions.

We have been working on a new range for quite some time but we have reached an impasse and we require some heavy equipment to complete Range 8 which will be home to our action shooters and first responder training. This will be a great addition for our shooting community.

A huge thank you goes to Scott Meeks (CCK Snow Removal, Parking Lot Maintenance & Vegetation Control) and his main guy Jerry Weir who have lent us loaders, a dump truck and many other pieces of equipment as well as manpower. They and our great volunteers have got us this far but we need to reshape and increase the height of the berm that runs west and north.

So we require a tracked excavator to move the berm and lift it.

Please let me know if you can help us with this project. We rely on our fantastic volunteers and all the people who have helped with the numerous projects this year. We will be recognizing their efforts publicly once this project is completed.

Kind regards,

Rick Blakeley, VP & Volunteer Range Operator

LFGA Shooting Sports Facility

1 (403) 308-3541

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