Exciting 1.7 Million Dollar Facility Upgrade to start Nov. 2, 2020!

Exciting 1.7 Million Dollar Facility Upgrade to start Nov. 2, 2020!

The LFGA Shooting Sports Facility is undergoing significant renovations to the ranges to provide safety advantages to both users and the surrounding community.

This project will allow the Lethbridge Fish & Game Shooting Sports Facility to maintain the highest safety standards available now and moving forward for years to come.

The main focus of this comprehensive upgrade is adding additional aerial baffles, ground baffles, and improved projectile backstops. These features have been designed to provide the best possible shooting experience while also preventing projectiles from leaving the facility grounds. Ultimately these upgrades will ensure the long-term viability of the Shooting Sports Facility and our positive 95+ year service relationship with the community of Lethbridge and area. 

LFGA President Allan Friesen, Vice President & Range Operator Rick Blakeley, and Consultant Tom Hopkins have consulted with key stakeholders during the CIP Project application, presentation, and design phases.  Now the multifaceted project will be coordinated through the City of Lethbridge Facility Services Department, with Ward Brothers Construction Limited providing their professional construction services.
Upon completion of the work by Ward Brothers Construction on the features listed above, a secondary phase of the project will be coordinated by Lethbridge Fish and Game Association [LFGA.]

This segment will focus on increasing fully accessible infrastructure, additional groundwork, and related upgrades to increase and maintain user access, sport functionality, and safety.This project is funded by a grant from the City of Lethbridge Capital Improvement program and financial support from the Lethbridge Fish and Game Association.

The established Total Project cost is $1,700,000 with tiered support from the LFGA in the amount of $20,000 per annum for the duration of the property lease, $100,000 in donated goods and services and $3,000 per annum in donated costs for junior programs. [Numbers to be verified by the City]
The project is planned to start November 2, 2020, and to be completed within 4 months, conditions allowing. For the safety of all, and to adhere to occupational safety requirements of the prime contractor Ward Brothers Construction Limited and the City of Lethbridge property owner, the Lethbridge Shooting Sports Facility shooting range areas will be closed during the term of the project. The Range Office and the Allan Friesen SAFE Training Centre will be open and operational unless unforeseen circumstances arise requiring a temporary closure.

The second phase of the project will be coordinated by the LFGA and only minor shutdowns of specific ranges will occur, the facility will remain operational for shooting sports.

More information and updates to come, please stay connected for regular updates, photographs, and video of the exciting new upgrades to our facility.

A note to Facility users;

This upgrade is key to maintaining the safety advantages that have allowed our facility to remain a central pillar in Alberta’s Shooting Sport’s community and value-added, quality of life, recreation feature to the citizens of the City of Lethbridge for over 95 years.  It is recognized that we would all prefer full-time access to the training and recreation the facility provides but without these key safety upgrades we risk losing our current and any future advantage in the areas of user and community safety.  We ask you to join us in embracing these upgrades and the time needed to complete them to ensure our future viability and success.

As noted the range areas of our facility WILL BE CLOSED starting Nov. 2 but there may be some opportunities for a few days past that point depending on when the area is actually turned over to Ward Brothers Construction. Please note that some limited pre-booked activities may take place after this date without the range space being open for general use.  
Our Range Operator, Rick Blakeley will announce any opportunities to use the facility past the Nov. 2nd date. The Range Calendar on lfga.club should also be consulted for any available dates after Nov. 2nd, 2020.

We urge members to make use to the facility before Nov. 2, most notably hunters wishing to sight in rifles for this season.  Please note there is an OPEN Sight in Clinic Scheduled for October 10th.

For further information on the technical specifics of the project or on facility access please contact Rick Blakeley Range Operator & Vice President at lfga.range.operator@gmail.com

For Media Relations or access to information/media resources please contact Community Relations Chair, Scott Sweetman at lfga.community.relations@gmail.com

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