Centre Fire Rifle Reloading Course

Centre Fire Rifle Reloading Course

February 22, 2020 9AM to 4PM

Lethbridge Fish & Game Hut 1005 – 9th Avenue South

Basic introduction to reloading for centre fire rifles.

Hands on course that includes:

            Setting up dies

            Cleaning and inspecting brass

            Resizing and trimming brass

            Deburring brass

            Cleaning primer pockets

            Determining overall length of cartridge

            Introduction to powders and primers  

            Proper measuring of powder

            Quick overview of bullets      

Basic understanding of reloading manuals and where to start.

All supplies and lunch are included for $25.00 which must be paid in full before February 12, 2020

We have lots of spare brass that we have collected down at the range over the past season, so would like to know what your calibre is and hopefully we will have a starter bag of brass available for you so let us know when you register.

Register at maddie54@agt.net      All payments by cash or e-transfer to same

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