Hello LFGA members,

LFGA is continuing our support for this Alberta Wildlife Federation (AFGA) project to relocate wild turkeys to Alberta. This project is being lead by Jim Clarke along with the Alberta Conservation Association. 

Jim’s report follows and please let Jim know if you wish to join his crew on February 9th. 

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WILD TURKEY RELEASE IN ALBERTA – planned day with donating clubs

Hi all! 

I have some great news regarding the Alberta Wild Turkey Project for you as of today! 

For the Wild Turkey trap and relocate project, as of today there has been a total of 119 birds trapped in BC. All of them have passed their individual vet checks and have already been released into the wilds of Alberta! Crews are literally setting up the traps for this week’s trapping as I write this so we will have more for next week! 

SPEAKING of next week, I have set it up with the ACA staff to have next week’s release set up for the donating clubs to take part if they choose! It will be on February 9th! I’ll know a lot more details on the release as soon …  such as time and location because the release site depends on the number of birds, weather at the time, road conditions etc! The release sites are actually set up by the ACA Field Lead and Landowner Liaison is calling the shots where the birds go.  As an FYI, the release sites for this year are: Maycroft area, South of Chain Lakes along Hwy 22, West of Claresholm and west of Longview. 

Our only ask is that if you plan on attending / representing your club or group, that only a minimal amount show up – 2-3 per club/group. We do not want to inundate the landowners or be too much of a burden. Please let me know if you will be sending representatives from your club to participate as I will be orgaining that with ACA staff. ACA will also have their communication team on hand for their socials etc. 

Thanks again for your awesome support of this project! 


Jim Clarke

[email protected]

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