Welcome to our new Volunteer Chair!

Welcome to our new Volunteer Chair!

As the LFGA has continued to grow the needs of our Shooting Sports Facility and Conservation projects for volunteers and also continued to grow. I felt that I could no longer provide the focus the volunteers deserved as they shared my time with Political Action and Communications (Amalgamated and renamed Community Relations Chair)

We put out a limited call within our community for a very special person to take over the Volunteer Chair full- time and were very lucky that Selestia Jackson has agreed to look after the great people we all rely on to make all of our events and activities work.

Selestia Jackson

I have met with Selestia twice person to person and am very sure the volunteer program is in GREAT hands. Selestia understands how vital a healthy volunteer workforce is and that their support is essentially the most important responsibility we have.

To help Selestia I have met with her to asses her needs and provide technical backup by setting up and arranging a new volunteer program digital environment combining some old tools and new ones to give her what she needs to support all of you. This process is ongoing and I encourage you all to introduce yourself and get to know Selestia, she will be responsible for great things heading forward.

Thank you to ALL the fantastic Volunteers that I have the exceptional honour of working with these past 5 years. I look forward to continuing to work alongside you as Community Relations Chair and to the great new energy and ideas Selestia will bring to our community.

If you would like to congratulate Selestia or talk with her about the Volunteer program her email is lfga.volunteer@gmail.com

-Scott Sweetman Community Relations Chair

95 Years of Community Service.
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