Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you Volunteers!

Last weekend we had an amazing turnout for National Open Range Day! I would like to thank everyone that volunteered their time on Saturday and contributed to making National Open Range Day such a success.

It was a wonderful day for this event, the sun was shining with only a gentle breeze, allowing many to come out and enjoy this special day. We couldn’t have made this happen without the support of our amazing volunteers.

Some of the duties of the day included, making sure waivers were signed, cooking and serving at our Barbecue, transporting water and supplies, Range Officers providing their knowledge and skill  to our participants, as well as overall supervision.

I am aware that time is a precious commodity but our dedicated volunteers chose to share their time and expertise  with all who attended. Each and every one of you contributed to the success of the day and I am deeply humbled by your generosity. Many thanks and much appreciation to you all.

Thank you,

Jeff Deuschle

Vice President 

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