Steel Core Ammunition Prohibited at the LFGA Range

Steel Core Ammunition Prohibited at the LFGA Range

Range Rules Clarified Regarding Steel Core Ammunition
Steel core ammo prohibited at the LFGA range
Recently, a member expressed a concern regarding the steel core ammunition which is often used in SKS and similar rifles chambered in 7.62 * 39.  Further research indicates that this ammunition is regarded as armor-piercing and as such is not in compliance with our range operating authority.

We realize that this clarification may not be popular with all range members.  This steel core ammo is very inexpensive and is often purchased by first time firearm purchasers for this reason.  Be assured that this decision comes after considerable deliberation, research and with the approval of the LFGA Executive.

SKS firearms and their variants are still welcome at the range, and other ammunition is available for these firearms at both Marksman Guns and Wholesale Sports.

Please stop using steel core ammunition immediately and spread the word to other range users.  It is extremely important that we remain in compliance with our range approvals – that is why this decision  is necessary.

We appreciate the involvement of our whole Range Officer community for supporting this rule and insuring the viability of our range in the future.  A magnet has been installed on the South wall of the Range 2 covered firing line and this magnet can be used to determine if ammunition can or can not be used on our range.  A short video with an explanation … CLICK HERE.