Range Clean Up Announcement

Range Clean Up Announcement

May 4th

The Range will be CLOSED for this event!

EVENT DETAILS – Starting at 9:00 AM:

This is a key event for the LFGA Range. Our thanks in advance to all who come out to help. 

A few key points:

  • Bug spray will be provided. It’s tick season so if your chores take you in the grass please consider using some . 
  • Water will be provided through out the day
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Please bring your own hand tools if you wish; the range has a limited number of tools and you may be happier using your own. Call shovels pickax, Hammers, rakes, pitchfork, etc….
  • Please feel free to bring your kids if you wish.
  • Please bring bring your own gloves and sunscreen. 

What do we want to accomplish. 

Chores will include but not be limited to; picking rocks, picking garbage, raking and spreading wood chips, moving large beams with loaders, piling metal for recycling, rebuilding steel reactive targets and their enclosures, rebuild target frames, etc.

Equipment Operators

We have specific need for equipment operators, if you qualify and or if you have equipment (including trailers, bobcats, loaders and other small equipment) that will be used.

Email Jeff to volunteer: [email protected]

 – Jeff

Vice President

Archery Range Clean up and Set Up

May 4th 2024 starting at 9 am.

LFGA Archery will be doing a range clean up, target

repair and set up for the 2024 Archery Season. We

need your help to make this happen. Please come

and support your range.


WHITE TARGETS- We will be setting up the new white targets

on the stands. The old white targets will be hollowed out and

be made ready for re-foaming.

3D ANIMALS – We will set up the 3D Tuesday night league

animals. We will discard the old 3D targets located at the

south hut and replace them with better targets.

720 World Archery Butts-The brown butts located at the south

hut will be discarded. We will move the metal stands to the

area adjacent the dog park, parallel to the berm by the white


Storage Sheds-The sheds will be cleaned out and new storage

will be put in place.

– Tom 

Archery Coordinator

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