So say a group of Canadian Doctors that are coming together to pressure the government to revoke the laws allowing law-abiding citizens to own firearms – that means you & me. It does not matter if you are a hunter or an Olympic athlete you should not own a gun according to this group because you guessed it – No Civilian Needs A Gun! has posted a good piece about this group on their website and also on the media hub MEDIUM.

They are called DOCTORS FOR PROTECTION FROM GUNS and their driving force comes from a Dr. Najma Ahmed who is an acute care surgeon and anti-gun activist. If you follow the link from her name above it will take you to her Twitter page which shows that although the DFPFG puts out a toned down version the actual goal of the group and it’s leader is a total ban on citizen firearm ownership of any kind.

You can read the full GunBlog post here. It’s only a 4 min read and at the end of the article, it has some really good suggestions on how we can respond to these new groups activities. Please take the time to read this and if you agree, actively engage and educate your health care provider about the safety and health benefits of an active life that includes the shooting sports.

Of course not all Doctors agree and many are firearm oweners themselves. Here is a link to a group of Doctors that believe in responsible firearm ownership and are also worth a read. Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership. This group believes that many Doctors have been using their trusted position to spread antigun sentiment to their patients for years and cross ethical boundaries in doing so. This is an American focused group but their findings are also useful and many apply to us here in Canada as well.

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