LFGA Archery Events 2022

LFGA Archery Events 2022

The following dates include all known formal public events to be hosted by LFGA Archery and and Bowbenders Archery Club

[This does not include school classes and pop/up events.]

All events coordinated/hosted by an LFGA Range Marshall

South Archery Range Only

Youth 720 Rounds – Wednesdays 6.00 to 8.00 pm on the south range from May 4th to June 26th. [No Cost for Junior Archers 17 and under]Archers must have their own equipment. 

Coordinator Jude Hooey

North and South Archery Ranges

3D Archery – Youth to Adult

Tuesdays from 6 to 9 pm. From May 3rd. to August 16th inclusive. [Cost is $10 per adult per day regardless if an LFGA member and youth are free.  Archers must have their own equipment. Non members please wait at the gate and a range marshal will gain you entrance. 

Special Note [A cooperative venture between Bowbenders and LFGA with each club coordinating specific days and supplying 3D targets]

Coordinators Tim Lysyk, Terry Vickers, Tom Hopkins

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