Course: Property Access in Southern Alberta

Course: Property Access in Southern Alberta

One of the BIGGEST obstacles to new hunters (beginners or hunters that have moved regions) is the question WHERE can I hunt here? Most often the BEST hunting is on land that has controlled access or is private. Most local hunters don’t like to share their spots so new hunters are often left with only heavily over hunted public areas. Well here is the solution!

Mr Tedd Walcott is presenting his second course in his custom designed hunting success for beginners program. We highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to hunt in Southern Alberta that isn’t familiar with the area. This is a ‘must take’ course and like the last one will fill up very quickly so please reserve your spot early.

Course: Property Access in Southern Alberta
Instructor: Tedd Walcott – Highly experienced Hunter, Outdoorsman, Mentor, Hunter’s Education Instructor, and professional guide.

Course Date: April 11 at 7PM at the LFGA Hut Lethbridge

This course will cover the steps required to get property access in the southern prairie WMUs. The principles taught, however, are applicable wherever you plan on hunting.

Specific Topics include: public land access, is permission required, how do I find landowners to contact, how do I make contact, private land access, etiquette.

Attendance limited and 15 spots remain, please register early to ensure your spot

Contact: to register.

Introductory Fee: $25.00 – required to reserve your spot. Payable by EMT

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