Corvid 19 – Use of LFGA Shooting Sports Facility

Corvid 19 – Use of LFGA Shooting Sports Facility

Reference: RECORD OF DECISION – CMOH Order 17-2020
Effective May 6, 2020

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has determined it is possible to permit Albertans to engage in certain outdoor activities where the risk of COVID-19 transmission can be mitigated if persons adhere to public health measures, saying “I hereby make the following Order which modifies Record of Decision – CMOH Order 02-2020 by removing the prohibition against attending a recreational facility where an outdoor shooting range is operated, for the purpose of engaging in target practice or a target shooting competition”.

Effective May 6, 2020, Volunteer Range Operator, Rick Blakeley will follow this Order and allow individuals to attend the Lethbridge Fish and Game – Shooting Sports Facility for the purpose of engaging in target practice or a target shooting competition if these protocols are strictly followed and enforced:

1) By this Order I am required to put these protocols in place and enforced in order to be compliant with this Order:

a) The classroom building, outhouses and the porta-potties are off-limits;

b) No one will come to the faculty if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or a higher than normal temperature;

c) Everyone will commit to minimize the risk of transmission of infection among persons working at or attending the shooting range;

d) Everyone attending the facility shall maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene by bringing disinfectant with them and disinfecting anything that is touched;

e) Everyone will bring and wear masks that cover the mouth and nose when others are using the same range;

f)  Everyone engaging in target practice or a target shooting competition or attending our shooting facility will comply with section 2 of Record of Decision – CMOH Order 07-2020 are implemented; this section states that:

i) Any persons gathering at an outdoor location must maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance from one another. Travelling with more than one occupant in a vehicle will be a contravention of these protocols.

ii) The only exception to this is for people who are living in the same dwelling.

g) Every item loaned to a person for their personal use while engaging in target practice or a target shooting competition or attending a shooting range is cleaned and disinfected before it is used and again before it is loaned to a subsequent person.

h) All guests are required to have Day Passes and the supervising Range Officer will make sure that all these protocols are followed.i)   Any and all exceptions will be approved by Rick Blakeley, Volunteer Range Operator (TEXT only 403-308-3541).

2)    Consequences:

a) Any Range Officer who not in compliance of these Orders will be trespassing and will have their Range Officer status terminated and gate card deactivated;

b)  All Range Officers on a range where there are obvious non-compliant issues will be trespassing and subject to having their Range Officer status terminated and their gate cards deactivated unless there and attempt to correct the issue and it is reported to Rick Blakeley, Volunteer Range Operator.  (TEXT only 403-308-3541)

c)  The Range will be monitored through the video and gate record.

Contact: Rick Blakeley, Volunteer Range Operator by TEXTING 403-308-3541  Please be patient I also have a full-time job.

Record of Decision – CMOH Order 17-2020