Changes to Bird Categories for 2024

Changes to Bird Categories for 2024

There is now Upland Hunter of the year as well as Migratory Hunter of the year.

$50 gift card for first
$25 gift card for second
$10 gift card for third
Upland and Migratory hunter of the year $50 gift card

There is two divisions adult and youth under 18.

Will be using AWF bird categories for the competition.

Canada goose
Snow Goose
White Fronted Goose
Mallard Duck
Merriam’s Turkey
Ruffed Grouse
Sharp Tailed Grouse
Spruce Grouse
Hungarian Partridge

All birds must be weighed on a government approved scale.
Pheasant MUST have a picture of the  full length of bird with a measuring device beside the bird.
ALL birds MUST be entered on the AWF entry form that will be at Marksman Guns.

For any questions you can contact
Vic Stasiuk at
[email protected]

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