Volunteer opportunity for some habitat work.

Volunteer opportunity for some habitat work.

We just returned from some antelope fencing recon and have set the three dates for projects this year and have confirmed two of the locations near Milk River. We’ve been struggling a bit to get volunteers the past couple years so please feel free to spread the word to you family, friends and to you local Fish and Game clubs. We’d really like to get 16 people out to each event this summer. Hopefully by moving to some new locations in the province, we’ll be able to tap into some new volunteers as well. If you could please let me know as soon as possible which dates you’ll be able to attend that would be great and I’ll get all the details out closer to the events.

July 27-28 Milk River Fencing

This project is located west of Milk River and will take place on three different ranches. It involves adding bottom smooth wire to 8-10 miles of a combination of three and four strand barbed wire fence and some wire removal. You will be required to staple bottom smooth wire in place and respace the two middle strands of barbed wire. This conservation area is home to a wide variety of wildlife species, including abundant pronghorn. We’d like to get 16 volunteers out for this project. We will base out of Milk River for this project and the project ranches are only 15 minutes west. There is a nice motel in Milk River and a campground right on the river.


August 24-25 Deer Creek Ranch Fencing

This project is located approximately 50 kilometres east of Milk River adjacent to Writing on Stone Provincial Park. There are 8 miles of fence to bring up to pronghorn friendly standards. The bulk of the fence is on fairly easy terrain and easily accessed. We will be adding a bottom strand of smooth wire at 18” on a four strand barbed wire fence and respacing the three middle wires above and there will be a bit of bottom barbed wire removal as well. This ranch is very involved in wildlife projects and we are hoping to get a bit of a tour of the 46,000 acre property and maybe even look for some short-horned lizards. There is a nice motel in Milk River, camping at Writing on Stone and the ranch manager will allow volunteers to camp right on the ranch and there is a washroom available in the shop. We’d like to get 16 volunteers out for this project.

September 14-15 Empress Alberta

This project is still tentative, but the dates are firm. We are hoping to work on a large cattle east of Empress and will share the details as they develop.

I will be sending out detailed information on each project closer to their date regarding camping, hotels, meeting location etc.

If you are interested in participating in one or all of these projects, please contact T.J. Schwanky at tj-afga@shaw.ca. It’s a great opportunity to have some fun, meet some new friends and to really make a difference for pronghorn in Alberta.

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