Volunteer LFGA!!

Volunteer LFGA!!

Today we are launching a NEW, EXCITING Volunteer Community online tool!

As part of our 95 Years of community services – VOLUNTEER service that is! – we are bringing a powerful new resource to our volunteers to help you serve the community better and to maximize your experience as a volunteer!

Today we open the new community portal ‘VolunteerLFGA.com! This is your one-stop shop to book an RO, arrange volunteers for a group activity OR if you are looking for a chance to help out – find out exactly what is available at any time – and you can sign up right on the web page to volunteer for the opportunities you choose. Both ‘One Time’ and “Flexible Time’ requests are available.

What can volunteerlfga.com do for me if I want to volunteer?

Visiting volunteerlfga.com is your one-stop shop for volunteering or you can access it by using the first menu item VOLUNTEER LFGA on lfga.club, both will take you to the Volunteer Opportunities that are available.

One Time Volunteer Opportunities are things like ROing for a member or non-member or group who want to use our facility on a specific day & time.

Flexible Time Volunteer Opportunities are ‘on your own time’ opportunities that are ongoing or have no set time – such as mowing the grass or maintaining a range etc. (These can be GREAT for families who want to volunteer together but would not be appropriate in an RO situation.

If you find a Volunteer Opportunity you want to sign up for you can do it RIGHT THERE – Click on the Opportunity you would like to volunteer for, you will be taken to the details of the opportunity and if it is still open there will be an online form to fill out accepting the position or taking one of the positions available. You never have to worry as the system will remove the Opportunity sign up feature if it is full.

Once you have filled out and submitted your information, you are done until the day and time of the Opportunity. The system will record your offer to volunteer and send a copy to the Chair for her to make sure the needs of the Opportunity and the skills of the Volunteer match. The system will then send you any updates, any changes as well as reminders leading up to the date of the Opportunity.

The new system also keeps a log for each active volunteer listing Opportunities they have filled and the volunteers hours spent in service of our community. These statistics help us get grants, show the community commitment we have (great for political purposes) AND will be used for the NEW VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PROGRAM Selestia will be launching soon.

What can volunteerlfga.com do for me if I want to book a volunteer(s)?

Again this couldn’t be simpler, there are two choices listed on the top menu of the volunteerlfga.com website.

Individual Volunteer RO Requests – This is for members or non-members who need an RO to use the range. It is also for small groups ie a family or a few friends. Clicking on this menu option will take you to an online form where you fill out all your information (it takes less than 3 minutes to fill it in) When you submit this it is entered into the system and once reviewed by the Chair will be posted as an Opportunity. You will be notified when an RO is arranged and you can set a ‘confirm RO by …’ date on the submission form.

Event Volunteer Requests – Is the fourth menu item on volunteerlfga.com. This option is for people organizing events or large groups. It is for both internal and external requests. It may occur across multiple dates and include Opportunities for both RO and Non-RO volunteers. In addition to submitting all the details, you can upload files – for example, posters, rules, registration forms etc. Those organizing LFGA events or Events for our sister organizations should use this option. Once completed this form is entered into the system and a copy is sent to the Chair for approval, she may contact you for further details if it is a large event with many Opportunities.

VolunteerLFGA.com will also have volunteer community resources that are currently being developed and separate announcements will be made when they are available. The main purpose behind these new resources is to streamline the process of matching volunteer Opportunities with Volunteers. It will also serve as a management tool to record and track the AMAZING efforts of our volunteers and to make sure they get the recognition they deserve!

There are some GREAT Volunteer Opportunities Posted RIGHT NOW! If you can volunteer please visit our new community resource at http://www.volunteerlfga.com (please just click through now and take a look!

If you have any questions please contact the Volunteer Chair, Selestia Jackson @ lfga.volunteer@gmail.com or if you have a technical question or need help please contact our digital solution provider White Night Media

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