LFGA – 1st meeting for 2019

LFGA – 1st meeting for 2019

Monday, January 21 , 7 pm at the LFGA clubhouse will be our first LFGA meeting for 2019. If you want to know more, if you want your say…. show up.

Here are the minutes from the November, 2018 meeting for your reading pleasure;

Nov. 19th, 2018 General Meeting
Quorum 5 Executive and 8 General Meeting

Number in attendance: 25
Meeting called to order: 7:00 p.m.

Special Presentation on Mountain Bluebird Trails Conservation Society by Steven Shumborski. See attached pamphlet.
Steven is looking for volunteers to can take over responsibility of bluebird box monitoring. Once a week, once a month or once a year for cleaning out boxes so they are available for the bluebirds. There are 4 trails available for monitoring, if you are interested please contact Steven Shumborski, Bluebirdtrails.org.
General Meeting Agenda
Previous meetings minutes are posted on lfga.org and brought up on the overhead projector.

Michelle Sylvestre moved that the minutes be adopted as presented, it was seconded by Rick Blakeley.
• Carried

Business from these minutes
A. Sheila Ferguson: please send in nominations Dec 1st. 2019 for LFGA and AFGA awards. Website has details.

A. none.

Treasurer’s Report (Tom Hopkins)
Premium Savings: $27,751.65
Community Builder account $56,879.19
Tom Hopkins moved to approve report as read, it was seconded by Rick Blakeley.

Elections: Sheila Ferguson 3rd Board of Governor made the 3rd call for nominations; Election results as follows:
President: Allan Friesen
Vice President: Rick Blakeley
Secretary: Michelle Sylvestre
Treasurer: Madeline Balla
Board of Governors: 1st Year: Norm MacPhail
2nd Year: Steven Osmond
3rd Year: Marilyn Peterson

Everyone thanked Ken Peterson for his service as President. Thank-you to Tom Hopkins who took over Treasurer earlier this year.
Elections Closed.

Chair appointments:
Carrie Kerber has stepped down as Photography Chair, Thank-you to Carrie Kerber for her role as Photography chair. Michelle Kennedy will be taking on the responsibilities of Photography Chair.
Fish Chair – anyone interested? Brent asked what is involved: Sheila Ferguson answered – keep membership informed of any issues or news about fish populations. Help with coordinating at banquet and awards. Can also plan events. Brent said he might have some friends that are interested.
Thank-you to everyone that has taken chair positions in the past.

Rick: Hunting Chair – Ted Walcott – thank-you for taking out all the 16 new hunters on mentored hunting.

Unfinished Business
A. Range fee increase:
Allan Friesen motioned no change in membership fees, the fees will be the same as last year, as follows: $55 base LFGA/AFGA membership, $160 for AFGA/LFGA/RANGE, Base Family membership LFGA $ 39.00, AFGA $36.00, Range $105.

Rick Blakeley seconded.

2019 memberships available for Dec. 1st for 2019

New Business
A. Ken visited the CPR Lake site, people are abusing the site and not following the rules. LFGA is responsible for this area, we need to find a solution. Fencing is too expensive but signs might help with this.
Rick moved that we spend up to $5000 on CPR lake signage as stewards. Ken Peterson can put a proposal together.
Marilyn Peterson seconded.
Discussion: It is advertised on ACA but it is the responsibility of LFGA as stewards. Ken mentioned the property running north could be fenced, Rick Blakeley said concrete blocks may work better. Heinz Plontke mentioned that LFGA has a 30 year lease with SMRD so we would have to coordinate with SMRD. Heinz asked about the past signs that were there, Ken answered that the signs are in some areas but not at all entries. Problems have existed for a long time. The bylaw officers may be able to write tickets. Doug and Ken talked to Fish and Game, there is not much recourse for them unless we do a written sign in box. Mike suggested a sign in box, if someone is there without filling out an access card then they are reliable, the tresspassor can then get charged if breaking rules or are without sign in paper. George Zuffa suggested to check on lease as there will not be many years left on it. Ken, Doug, Keith, Mike and Heinz will form a committee to find a solution.

B. Allan Friesen motions we provide $499 homorarium to the Range Chair, Membership Chair, Treasurer, Hut Chair, and Secretary.
Ted Walcott seconded.

Allan Friesen moved to pay White Night Media $2,400 for hosting the website, managing the domain name etc. for 2019.
Jonn Kerber seconded.

Allan Friesend motioned that we pay $3000 to White Night Media for the Wild Apricot membership management and software which costs $240/month canadian.
Carrie Kerber seconded.

Chair Reports
Community Relations (Scott Sweetman)
A. none.

Fish (None) –
A. none.

Bird (Kurt Parks)
A. none.

Big Game (Derek Lowry)
A. Madeline asking about Measuring Day, what dates are needed for the hut booking? January 5th or 12th are open at the LFGA hut. Sheila has been contacting Derek Lowry and she is waiting for an answer.

Habitat and Environment (Mike Uchikura)
A. Milk river ridge – getting to the stage where we can monitor improvement and what kind of use it is getting. County and government water quality testing – improvements have shown in short amount of time. Saint Mary Irrigation – long term partnership agreement getting worked out – 10,000 acres of land.
Habitat planting project – Preparations will be made in 2019, in 2020 15,000 shrubs will be planted around the reservior.

B. ACA and pheasant release program – thank-you to Rick and other LFGA volunteers and other clubs in Southern Alberta for their support. The past friday was last release of pheasants as a 6 weeks long release program.

Rick Blakeley Thanked Mike for his support and organinzing these projects.

Range (Rick Blakeley) –
a. Rick Blakeley range budget presented: see attachment
Allan moved to accept the budget as presented. Rick Blakeley seconded.
Discussion: Insurance is more this year $3500. Some items are cost neutral like sporting clays. Questions about range maintenance clarification on cost. Also range 7 costs vs. Revenue. Financial report will be much higher than this presented as we haven’t included Grants from ACA etc. as we havent received them yet. Sheila asked utilities – new building cost – Rick Blakeley estimated about $3000/year. This budget is based on membership revenue.

b. Progress report by Allan Friesen: The land at the range has been subleased to SAFE Society. SAFE approval to buy building from Casino funds, development permit required. Will have water, heat, electrical, 2 washrooms and a large open space. Can be booked by groups. Will give us a lot of flexibility and functionality at the range. Average price is $20,000.
Thank-you to Allan Friesen for all his work, and SAFE Society work with arranging this new building.

Casino (Allan Friesen)
A. none.

Hall (Madeline Balla)
A. None.

Membership (George Roth)
a. None.

Banquet (Carrie and John Kerber)
a. Banquet tickets are available, prices are: $500 for table, $50 for adults and $25 for youth under 12.
Meat donations are coming in, more is needed. Thank-you to those that have donated so far.

a. Rick Blakeley 6 youth to AFGA Conference registration reimbursement, meals and hotel upon receipt and report. For up to $400 per youth.
Seconded by Marilyn Peterson.

A. none.

Adjourned at 7:57pm.

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